License x265 and UHDcode

The x265 HEVC encoding library and UHDcode HEVC decoding libraries are available to commercial companies who need HEVC encoding or decoding for their products and services.

While x265 is also available to everyone under the GPL v2, commercial companies often prefer to license x265 directly.  There are many benefits to a commercial x265 license, including;

  • Avoid the open-source requirements that the GPL v2 license imposes.  For example, if you distribute a system that integrates x265, you may be required to make the source code of your complete system available to anyone who requests it, under the terms of the GNU GPL v2 license
  • Get support directly from MulticoreWare, with contractual commitments to respond to your issues.
  • As a commercial licensee funding x265’s development team, your requests for new features or bug fixes have a higher priority.

UHDcode is only available under a commercial license.

In addition to x265 and UHDcode, MulticoreWare has high performance video processing libraries supporting a wide variety of video functions (color space conversion, scaling, frame rate conversion, etc.). Contact us at sales @ for more information, including license terms and pricing.

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