HEVC Decoding

UHDcode HEVC Video Decoder - H.265 Player Software

UHDcode is a very high performance HEVC decoder, capable of reading video files encoded in HEVC, decoding the HEVC bitstream, and rendering the video frames in real-time.

The x265 HEVC Upgrade includes a consumer version of the UHDcode HEVC decoder, packaged as a Windows DirectShow filter.  This version is capable of high performance decoding of HEVC video, including Ultra High Definition video.

Ultra High Definition (2160P or 4K) HEVC playback using UHDcode is supported on PCs with the latest generation integrated processors and graphics such as AMD “Kaveri” A-Series APU processors and Intel 4th Generation Core processors with Intel® Iris™ graphics.  UHD HEVC playback is also supported on modern multi-core desktop systems with AMD Radeon R9 graphics boards or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600 and 700 series GPUs.

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